Workplace Investigations

Protecting your business from those who take advantage – our workplace investigations will make the difference.

The business world today is a difficult place in which to succeed and our workplace investigations can give you the edge. By investigating your suspicions we can reduce your expenditure, increase profits and rid your business of shirking employees.

Our careful consultations will determine the most cost effective method to resolve your particular problem. This could include stock or equipment theft, computer misuse or absence management.

Workplace investigations can make the difference between profit and loss.  Just call us to enquire about the many ways in which we can help you to confirm your suspicions.

To root out your dishonest staff we can make test purchases, go undercover in your workplace, test your security and conduct integrity testing on your suppliers, clients and staff.

Integrity Testing

Inappropriate behaviour that requires integrity testing takes many forms. We have previously investigated theft and damage, alcohol and drugs use at work, bullying, abuse, sexual harassment, absenteeism and personal use of company facilities and equipment.

Our investigators can assess your problems in many ways; working undercover, making test purchases or deliveries and contacting employees in attempts to obtain confidential information.

All of our evidence can be used to support any subsequent disciplinary hearing.

workplace investigations

Sickness and Injury Claims

The investigation of sickness or injury claims is an essential part of absenteeism monitoring.

Previously our staff have witnessed employees who have claimed to be severely injured going to the gym, waterskiing and playing golf. Other employees, and indeed business partners, have been discovered running their own businesses using their employers equipment and materials or setting up a new business in direct competition to their current employers or partners.

Our surveillance and enquiry teams can investigate any aspect of sickness or injury claims and provide you with indisputable evidence.

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