Mobile Phone Tracing – Trace a Mobile Number

Trace a Mobile Number

We can help you!
  • Trace a Phone number
  • Find who your partner is calling
  • Trace a number from a Bill
  • Trace a Text
  • Trace a Phone number
  • Find who your partner is calling
  • Trace a number from a Bill
  • Trace a Text


We can help you trace difficult to find debtors, dodgy traders or partners having an affair. Mobile phones are regularly used to conduct affairs. If your partner is calling or texting a number you don’t recognise we can often provide full details of the person in less than 24 hours.  When you suspect your partner of having an affair it’s best dealt with quickly.
Call us on +44 7912 177 799 and we will investigate it straight away.

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We can trace a mobile number or house number to a persons name and address and current location!

UK Evidence can Trace a mobile number and give you the name and address of the user.
Even more importantly when we have traced the number you will quickly uncover exactly who that suspicious number belongs to.
Our mobile phone tracing service allows us to identify the name and address of the person using a number.  We will trace a mobile number without the individual being aware that their phone is being investigated.  We are equally very successful at tracing contract phones and pay as you go phones.

If you want to trace a mobile number that someone has been calling or texting, or you want to trace a number that’s been sending you nasty texts our mobile phone tracing service will help.

Use a phone tracing service to trace a mobile number. 

Mobile phone tracing is a regular part of our work.  We regularly trace hundreds of numbers. As a result we can get you the name and address within 24 hours so you can make important decisions.

Above all UK Evidence Ltd is a reputable genuine registered UK company and works legally on your behalf.

Some of the queries that our clients come to us with are:

• Who’s been texting me?
• Why is my husband calling a number I don’t recognise?
• What is behind the texts my wife?
• Has my employee been calling a competitor?
• Who’s been texting my partner?
• Who’s been making nuisance calls to my phone?
• Whose number is this on my husband’s phone bill?

Our mobile phone tracing service will answer of those questions and either put your mind at ease, or confirm your suspicions.  When our search goes well we can give you the name and address of the user of a mobile number within two hours.

How do we undertake mobile phone tracing?

When you ask us to trace a mobile number or a landline number, we set to work straight away. All we need to start our investigations is the suspicious telephone number.   Our researchers immediately use their knowledge and resources to trace a mobile number. We can give you an answer in less than 2 hours as we know that you want that information quickly.

What information will we give you when we trace a mobile number?

At the end of our investigations when we trace a mobile number we can provide you with the full name and address of the person who is shown as using the suspicious number.

When we trace a mobile number is it legal?

Our researchers use completely legal methods working with the relevant laws.  Because everything we do at UK Evidence is completely legal it can be used in evidence at court if need be.

What should you do if you want to trace a mobile number?

If you’d like us to trace a mobile number simply click here to send us an email or give us a call on +44 7912 177 799 between 8am -6pm

GPS Car Tracking

Tracking systems are quick to fit and allow you to accurately locate a vehicle 24 hours a day. They work throughout the UK or Europe and show a easy to read map with exact street names.

We will fit these devices for you.  If you prefer we deliver them to you and you simply attach them to the vehicle using the super strength magnets.  As a result you will be able to monitor the movements of the vehicle 24/7.

We supply simple instructions so this enables you to use any computer or smartphone to see exactly where the vehicle is 24 hours a day.  The system will store the information so you can see the route taken on any day.  This includes where it stopped, and for how long.

The route is be viewed on Google maps and street view, and you will certainly be able to see if the vehicle is at a hotel, pub, restaurant or outside a house.

Hidden Cameras

When you need to know what happens when you’re away we supply hidden cameras and listening equipment.

We have cameras hidden in everyday items.  This includes books, clocks, radios, picture frames and electrical sockets and switches.

These hidden cameras can be fitted for use in your home.  We can also fit them in  industrial and retail environments, in buildings or outside.

The evidence you will obtain from our hidden camera will allow you to easily prove exactly what someone has been doing.  This might include streaming from you, causing damage or cheating on you and having an affair.   Something as simple as booking on on of work hours at the wrong times can also be easily captured.

Whatever you need to see hidden cameras can give you the evidence without anyone knowing what you are doing.  They are so small and well hidden they’ll never see them.
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