Legal Services

With a need for ever-more cost effective service provision in the legal sector, we offer legal support facilities that exceed your expectations time after time.

The principal resources we offer include

Process Serving – Civil, Criminal, Family Law and Commercial,

Evidence Gathering – In written, audio and photographic format, including confidential sources.

Surveillance – Static, mobile, video & audio, with full reports to establish inappropriate or dishonest activity, employee and insurance fraud, theft and extra-marital social engagements or cohabitation.

Tracing Missing Persons – Relatives, witnesses, debtors and defendants.

We can efficiently and discreetly meet all the demands of the legal profession, be they civil, criminal, commercial, personal or matrimonial.
You can rely on us to provide cost effective and reliable assistance via our nationwide agents.

Process Serving

As professional and reliable process servers, we are pleased to assist the Legal Profession with the prompt delivery of documents nationwide in the UK or Internationally, exactly as you instruct.

We will collect your documents from anywhere you specify, the same day if possible and essential, or you can send us your documents by post or email.

Once your documents are served we return them to you as quickly as you require, by fax, email, post or courier.

Our process servers are experienced and resourceful in their attempts to locate your subject and deliver your documents.

Law Society Approval
By way of our membership of the prestigious Association of British Investigators UK Evidence is a Law Society Approved Service Provider.

The Company is Data Protection Act registered and compliant and is fully insured.

Enquiry Agents

Our Enquiry Agents will investigate any matter on your behalf anywhere in the UK, be it current or historical and will take statements, measurements, and photographs for you.

Our office based researchers have a portfolio of data sources to track down that missing person or witness or the information, debtor or defendant that will make or break your civil or criminal case.

When local investigations are needed our experienced and resourceful Enquiry Agents will ask the right questions of the right people.

Tracing Agents

Are you looking to be reunited with long-lost friends or relatives? Or are you trying to trace a missing person in relation to debt, a dodgy tradesman or someone to help you with a court case?

If you need to know background information, details of people’s lifestyles, qualifications, employment and more, we can help.

Whatever the situation, our private investigators can trace a surprising amount of accurate and reliable information, all legally and all confidentially obtained.

Criminal Investigations

If you have been the victim of crime or you suspect that someone is stealing from you the police may not investigate the matter to your satisfaction.

If that is the case then our own private detectives, who are all experienced former police officers, will investigate on your behalf, they will find out what really happened, look for witnesses and evidence and interview suspects in the correct legal format.

Having concluded their work we will present you with a case file which, if appropriate, can be presented to the police.

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