Legal Services

Here at UK Evidence Ltd the legal services we offer assist solicitors with every aspect of your work, whether instructed privately, commercially or via legal aid.

Our portfolio of legal services include access to commercial data and evidence sources not available to the public.

We have process servers, statement takers and researchers ready to assist you immediately with investigations or document service anywhere in the country.

This enables us to deliver or obtain the evidence you need or to trace the missing person or witness, or the debtor or defendant that will give you the evidential upper hand.

Regardless of whether you case is civil, criminal, commercial or matrimonial our private investigators will obtain the evidence you require, in the appropriate format, rapidly and cost effectively, locally, throughout the UK and worldwide.  Our legal services support the profession every step of the way.

In case of infidelity, divorce and separation our investigators will acquire evidence of cohabitation, asset diversion, financial activity, employment and salary matters, extra-marital social activity and hotel occupancy and travel confirmation.

We do, of course, also offer a complete process service facility across the entire breadth of procedural matters, from statutory demands and all other insolvency issues through to family law cases, employment disputes, writs, orders and injunctions.

Tracing debtors, nationally and worldwide, is an area of work in which our private investigators expertise is recognised by many major law firms and financial institutions.

In summary our solicitors support services can assist with any of the following matters:

  • Process serving/service
  • Tracing missing persons
  • Tracing debtors
  • Tracing witnesses
  • Surveillance
  • Evidence gathering
  • Civil & Criminal hearings matters
  • Divorce, Matrimonial, Co-habitation, Separation, Affairs
  • Magistrates, Crown and High Court support
  • Legal aid matters
  • Observations
  • Photography and video
  • Industrial claims
  • Injury and ill health claims
  • Insolvency proceedings

We can efficiently and discreetly meet all the demands of the legal profession, be they civil, criminal, commercial, personal or matrimonial.

You can rely on us to provide cost effective and reliable assistance via our nationwide agents.

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Aspects of our Legal Services