Workplace Surveillance

Experience shows that not all employees, directors, contractors or suppliers can be trusted.  As a result occasionally workplace surveillance becomes a necessity, and we are here to help you discover who you can trust in your business.

We all hear reports of people falsely claiming ill-health to avoid going to work.  We all know about invented or exaggerated injuries reported at work.  This is usually in an attempt to claim compensation.   Theft and fraud is an all too common problem but all of this can be overcome with workplace surveillance.

If there is someone in your business that you are suspicious of then we can offer advice and a variety of solutions.  We can arrange for surveillance agents, vehicle tracking systems and hidden listening devices.  We can provide agents to work undercover in your workplace.  Alternatively we can conduct lifestyle and background investigations to find out exactly what your staff are doing.

These will allow you to covertly listen to employee’s conversations in company vehicles or within your buildings, and the installation of hidden workplace surveillance cameras will allow you to see exactly what is happening.

Through the years, our staff have solved internal thefts and fraud and monitored inappropriate management activities.  We have recovered stolen goods and filmed allegedly sick employees playing golf and water-skiing.

Our video evidence has shown suppliers making short deliveries and contractors working only half the hours they claim.  Listening devices have recorded plans to commit theft and arrangements to defraud.

Workplace surveillance is cost-effective, completely legal and a simple way to rid your business of dishonest staff and improve your profitability.

If you need to investigate an employee, contractor, supplier or evan a colleague just call us to discuss the options available.

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