Workplace Investigation

Protecting your business from those who take advantage

The need to occasionally investigate employees is a sad fact of life but our workplace investigation can help.

False qualifications and CV’s, sickness claims, injury claims, overtime, mileage and working hours are all too often exaggerated, or are complete fabrications. Contracts managers fail to manage, sales managers take your client lists and set up in competition and staff and contractors steal from you.

If you believe you have dishonest employees our workplace investigation service can resolve those issues for you.

When you need an employee investigating our discussions will determine the most cost effective way to deal with long term sickness or exaggerated injury claims.

A workplace investigation can solve theft by employees, absenteeism, false claims, stock loss and computer misuse. What’s more investigating employees does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Through the years our employee investigation teams have solved internal thefts and frauds, monitored inappropriate management activities, recovered stolen goods and filmed allegedly long term sick employees playing golf and water-skiing.

The business world today is a difficult place in which to succeed, but we can give you the edge. By investigating theft at work or false sickness or injury claims we can reduce your expenditure and stock loss, increase revenue and rid your business of shirking employees.

A workplace investigation into inflated overtime claims, or taking client lists and setting up in competition or any other suspicious activity will determine the most cost effective method to resolve your particular problem, be it stock or equipment theft, computer misuse or absence management.

To root out your dishonest staff and workplace weaknesses, we can make test purchases, go undercover in your workplace, test your security and conduct integrity testing on your suppliers, clients and staff.

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