Tracing Debtors

Whether you are a company owed thousands of pounds or a private individual owed a few hundred pounds our researchers would be very pleased to become involved in tracing debtors on your behalf.

In addition to up to date information sources and databases our investigators will be wide-ranging and determined in their efforts to find those who owe you money.

Tracing debtors, nationally and worldwide, is an area of work in which our private investigators expertise is recognised by many major law firms and financial institutions.

In addition to our high success rate in bulk low value debtor tracing we have outstanding results locating high value evasive debtors, particularly in the licensed trade, residential and commercial lettings and finance related sectors.

Our private investigators can research a surprising array of information in the course of tracing debtors, this can include details of daily movements, financial matters, telephone number investigation, social activities, their apparent state of health, employment past and present, and other background information searches.

Subject to consideration we will conduct any form of surveillance at any place you specify to assist in tracing debtors be it locally, nationally or internationally.

We are proud of our resourcefulness when tracing debtors, the experience of our private investigators and the quality of our surveillance equipment.

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