Tracing Beneficiaries

As an Executor of a will the job is hard enough without the job of having to get involved in tracing beneficiaries – this is where we can help.

Whilst you deal with the complexities of selling houses, closing bank accounts and dealing with funeral directors and insurance companies we can relieve you of the burden of tracing beneficiaries.

If you are a solicitor or a family member the task of tracing beneficiaries is one more aspect of the job that can sometimes be completed quite quickly by our researchers who are accustomed to tracing beneficiaries.

Our records go back over the last century and beyond and we are extremely good at locating people who have moved numerous times and lost contact with their old friends, their relatives and former neighbours.

Not only do we access in-depth birth, marriage and death records to locate that missing relative or friend of the deceased we also conduct local enquiries and advanced internet research.

When we have completed our work we provide a detailed report, including the contact details of those people sought and the associated friends, relatives and neighbours of the deceased’s beneficiary.

Please call us and we can discuss with you how we can help.

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