Tracing Agents

Are you looking to be reunited with long-lost friends or relatives? Or are you trying to trace a missing person in relation to debt, a dodgy tradesman or someone to help you with a court case then our tracing agents can help you?

If you need to know background information, details of people’s lifestyles, qualifications, employment and more our tracing agents can help.

Whatever the situation, our private investigators can trace a surprising amount of accurate and reliable information, all legally and all confidentially obtained.

Our tracing agents enable clients to establish a surprising amount of information safe in the knowledge of complete and total confidentiality. We work locally, nationally and internationally.

Researchers based in our head office trace and cross-reference information from dozens of sources, both commercial and confidential, to ensure the accuracy of the details they uncover. They are supported by our field based tracing agents who will attend locations and confirm the results, and support those facts with photographs and on site investigation as necessary.

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Finding People and Information You Need