Tracing a Family Member

When you need to find a family member who you have lost track of, or if you would like us to find a relative that you have never met then our researchers will be pleased to help you.

Researchers based in our head office trace and cross-reference information from dozens of sources, both commercial and confidential, to ensure the accuracy of the details they uncover. They are supported by our field based tracing investigators who will attend locations and confirm the results, and support those facts with photographs and on site investigation as necessary.

Discovering where long-lost brothers or sisters have moved to is commonplace work when we are tracing a family member for clients.

Likewise our investigators responsible for tracing a family member regularly unearth details of previously unknown family members and take great satisfaction in the happiness their successful work brings about.

We have access to the most current information legally available and when our investigators are tracing a family member they will meet and interview anyone who may be able to help find that person for you.

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