Trace an Email Address


Have you or your partner received an email and you’re desperate to know who sent it? Perhaps the email suggests your partner is having an affair, or perhaps it’s a malicious email and you want to know who’s behind it; whatever your reasons, our researchers can help you get the answers you’re looking for.

Our email tracing service can allow us to identify the owner of an email address. Once we’ve traced the email, we can then provide you with the name and address of the person linked to that email account.

The process by which we search for the owner of an email address is extremely thorough and includes searching through email databases which are not available to the general public. These commercial, subscription only databases contain valuable information which can help us identify the owner of many email addresses.

Can we trace a Hotmail address, trace a Yahoo Mail email address or trace a Gmail Address?

Yes; the data that we have access to means it is possible for us to trace free email accounts such as Hotmail accounts, as well as purchased email accounts and business email addresses. We have a proven track record for tracing the names and addresses of individuals linked to many email accounts and domain names. Our investigations include successfully tracking Gmail accounts, tracing Yahoo email addresses and finding the names and addresses of people using GMX accounts, Google mail accounts and many more.

Why use an email tracing service?

Emails are a seemingly faceless way to communicate, meaning that many email users feel they can hide behind an email address. However, with our research skills and access to an extensive database of email addresses, we can put a name and address to these previously anonymous messages.
Being able to identify who emailed you, or who your partner or employee has been emailing can be a great relief, and many of our clients have found that simply having this information has settled suspicions and helped to end difficult times.


Some of the queries that our clients come to us with are:

  • Who is my husband emailing?
  • Who’s emailed my wife?
  • How can I track an email address?
  • Who’s emailing my child?
  • How do I know who sent this email?
  • How do I find out who emailed me?

Thankfully UK Evidence can answer all of those questions with our email tracing service, and either put your mind at ease, or confirm your suspicions.

Harassement by Email


Unfortunately we have seen an increase in the frequency of emails and the internet being used to cause harassment or distress. One example of this is through cyber bullying, whereby an individual can bully, torment or harass another individual via email, instant messages or social media. Tracing an email address can be an effective way to uncover the perpetrator behind such malicious emails or trolling activity, and can often be all that is required in order to stop the behaviour or to start to bring criminal charges against them.
This branch of our work has been particularly valuable to parents taking a stand against individuals bullying their children.


Using secret email addresses is a common way for individuals to conduct extra marital affairs. The use of such email addresses helps the individuals involved to maintain some discretion whilst they deceive their partner(s). If you do suspect your partner is cheating, it can be extremely frustrating not knowing who they are sending emails to. However, if you can provide us with an email address we can apply all of our resources, technology and experience to help identify the name and address of the person listed as the user of that email account.


Many individuals have been scammed by seemingly legitimate proposals being presented to them via email. Such emails can appear genuine, however, being able to identify the owner of the email address may help to confirm or lay to rest any suspicions you may have about the proposal, or the individuals or company you are in communication with.

Internet Dating


Internet dating is an extremely popular way to meet a potential partner, particularly with the rise of dating apps such as Tinder and websites such as However, there is always a risk that the person you are emailing or messaging is not quite what they seem. Using the email address you provide, our investigators can find sufficient information to help you confirm the name and address of the person you’ve been talking to. This adds an extra level of security to the internet dating scene and helps you determine whether your date has been honest from the outset.

Tracing Debtors

When you or your business is owed money it can be extremely time consuming and stressful trying to chase up those debts and get the money you’re owed. This task is often made harder when transactions have been carried out via email and you do not have a name or address of an individual you can contact. Our researchers can work with their vast database of email addresses to trace an email back to its owner, providing you with a name and address of the email user. Being able to deal with a named individual will help increase your chances of getting your debtors to pay the money they owe.

Tracing Tradesmen

Regretfully there are some dodgy tradesmen in our midst that leave jobs half-finished and take money for work that never gets completed. Lots of these tradesmen hide behind email addresses and rapidly changing business names, making them very hard to trace. It can also be difficult for individuals to know if the tradesman they’ve appointed is genuine. By tracing their email address we can find the name and registered address of your tradesman, both of which are key pieces of information to help you determine whether they have a good or bad reputation. Furthermore, if you’ve already been stung by a dodgy tradesman then this information can help you trace them so that they can put things right.

How do we trace an email address?


Once you contact us and confirm that you’d like us to trace an email address, we set to work straight away. All we need to start our enquiries is the exact email address that you need investigating. Our researchers will then use all of their knowledge and resources to pinpoint exactly who that email address belongs to. We aim to give you an answer within 48 hours as we know that once you’ve made the decision to track down who’s been emailing you, or sending messages to your partner or child, you want to know that information quickly.

What information will we give you?

If we are successful, at the end of our investigations we will provide you with the full name and address of the person who is shown as the listed user of the email address.

Is email tracing legal?

The methods that we use to trace an email address are completely legal, with all of our researchers working in accordance with the relevant legislation.

What should you do now?

If you’ve decided that you’d like us to trace an email address for you, simply click here to send us an email, or

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