Trace a Mobile Phone

By tracing a phone number, UK Evidence can give you the answers you need, and help you uncover exactly who that phone number belongs to.

Our phone tracing service allows us to identify the name and address of the person using a particular telephone number. The technology and information we have at our fingertips means that we can do this without the individual being aware that their phone is being investigated. Our researchers are able to trace landline numbers and trace mobile numbers back to their users, and we are equally successful at tracing both contract phones and pay as you go mobile phones.

Whether you want to trace a mobile number that your partner or employee has been calling or texting, or you want to trace a phone number that’s been making malicious calls or sending you nasty texts, we can help.

Why use a phone tracing service?
– Phone tracing is a regular part of our work as we see an increase in malicious phone calls and texts, deception by employees, and the continued use of mobiles to conduct extra-marital affairs; the names and addresses we supply give you the information you need to deal with the problem.

– Affairs
Mobile phones are commonly used to help people conduct affairs. If you suspect your partner is cheating and they have been calling or texting a number that you don’t recognise, we can normally provide the name and address of the person listed as the user of that number.

– Harassment by phone
Our phone tracing service has successfully uncovered the identities of those individuals who have harassed, bullied and intimidated another by phone. Parents ask us to trace telephone numbers that have been used to bully their child, and with a name and address in hand they have been able to uncover the culprits who have been sending malicious text messages and making nuisance calls. Whether it’s a landline or a mobile number, UK Evidence can usually find the owner of the phone and pass this information directly to you.

– Dishonest employees and business partners
If you suspect that your employee may be moonlighting, either working for themselves or another company, then tracing phone numbers they have called may give you a definitive answer. Similarly, if you suspect that they may be poaching your clients or setting up in competition against you, then a phone number trace may give you the proof you need to take action.
Whether you believe that a member of staff is stealing from you, or that your business partner isn’t acting in the best interests of the company, a phone trace could help you confirm or dispel your suspicions.

Being able to identify who called you, or who your partner or employee has been calling can be a great relief, and thanks to the wide variety of data sources we have available, we can trace numbers and give you this information quickly.

Some of the queries that our clients come to us with are:

• Who’s been texting me?
• Who is my husband calling?
• Who’s been calling my wife?
• Who has my employee been calling?
• Who’s been texting my partner?
• Who’s been making nuisance calls to my phone?
• Who’s sending my child text messages?
• Whose number is this on my husband’s phone bill?

Thankfully UK Evidence can answer all of those questions with our telephone tracing service, and either put your mind at ease, or confirm your suspicions.

How do we trace a phone number?
Once you contact us and confirm that you’d like us to trace a mobile number or a landline number, we set to work straight away. All we need to start our investigations is the telephone number, and then our researchers use all of their knowledge and resources to pinpoint exactly who that phone number belongs to. We aim to give you an answer within 48 hours as we know that once you’ve made the decision to track down who’s been calling you, or who your partner’s been calling or texting, you want to know that information quickly.

What information will we give you?
If we are successful, at the end of our investigations we will provide you with the full name and address of the person who is shown as using the telephone number.

Is telephone tracing legal?
The methods that we use to trace a phone number are completely legal, with all of our researchers working in accordance with the relevant legislation.

What should you do now?
If you’ve decided that you’d like us to trace a phone number for you, simply click here to send us an email or give us a call on 0800 107 3237 between 8am -6pm

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