Whether it’s to prove an affair, monitor an employee, prove dishonesty, or just for your peace of mind we will have surveillance equipment or services that will meet your needs.

If you feel you need to have someone followed we can provide surveillance teams of experienced male and female agents.   Our staff are equipped with body-worn hidden cameras and recorders, and they will follow your target on foot, public transport or using a selection of appropriate vehicles. We conduct surveillance operations locally, nationally or internationally.

Our GPS vehicle tracking systems can be installed in or under any vehicle, and allow you to view the location of your tracking system 24 hours a day. Some devices are as small as a matchbox and allow you to conduct surveillance in an extremely discreet fashion.

These covert tracking systems are accurate to within three metres anywhere in the UK or Europe, and provide you with a clear, easy to read map showing street names and a satellite photograph of the vehicle tracking system position.

Hidden cameras and video recorders supply you with undeniable evidence. The camera doesn’t lie.

Our engineers can fit our cameras just about anywhere, at home, in the workplace, in your garden or in a car, van or truck. We can fit cameras that you can watch live, including those fitted into vehicles as they are moving.

They cameras can also be fitted with microphones which allow you to hear what is being said, in addition to seeing live video footage from the camera.

Our most popular solutions include

  • Hidden cameras,
  • GPS car tracking systems,
  • Surveillance Photographs,
  • Surveillance video
  • Surveillance,
  • Observations,
  • Hidden bugging systems
  • Hidden listening devices,
  • Car tracking,
  • Car bugging,
  • Bugging rooms
  • Telephone bugging
  • Mobile phone bugs

Use our watching, listening and following service to investigate:-

  • False sickness claims
  • Long term injury claims
  • Employee problems
  • Workplace theft
  • Matrimonial suspicions
  • Relationship problems
  • Matrimonial affairs
  • Suspected affairs
  • Divorce matters

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Surveillance Services