Solicitors Enquiry Agents

Wether you are a private individual or a solicitor 0ur Solicitors Enquiry Agents will investigate anything for you anywhere in the UK.  We can, if urgent, attend anywhere in the UK the same day to rapidly establish that essential information you need.

Our staff will research with professionalism and enormous attention to detail events that happened recently, or many years ago.

If you are involved in a court case we can take statements in the correct legal format to support your case, or assist in the defence.  We can take measurements and photographs or obtain statements from witnesses to help you.

Researchers in our offices have many up to date sources of information available to them and will try their hardest to find the information you need.

We can quickly investigate matters anywhere in the UK and also have associates worldwide to assist in other countries.

The information that our solicitors enquiry agents can access covers a wide variety of sources, all of which are obtained legally.

UK Evidence Ltd is registered and compliant with the Data Protection Act.  All of the information we can provide will be in a format admissible in court.

The information supplied by our solicitors enquiry agents can help you find that missing person, or the witness you’ve been looking for.  We can uncover the information that can make all the difference and enable you to win your court case.

If you are looking for a friend or relatives you haven’t seen for years our enquiry agents will search every available source of information to trace them.

If you need to find someone who owes you money the researchers will scour court records, databases and other information to find where they might be.

When local investigations are needed our experienced and resourceful Enquiry Agents will ask all the right questions of all the right people.  You can rely on our local agents to have contacts in all walks of life and with many appropriate sources of information.

Call UK Evidence now on 0800 107 3237 between 8am -6pm

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