Solicitors Agents

When acting as solicitors agents our researchers will gather evidence on your behalf using a wide array of information sources and techniques. This includes, but is not restricted to, evidence from witnesses, mobile surveillance and static observations, still and video photography, database research, financial and asset investigation, telephone number investigations, medical matters and residency and occupation.

The evidential reports prepared by our solicitors agents are tailored to your instructions, inclusive of photographic, video and audio recordings as required.

As solicitors agents in commercial matters our private investigators research employment disputes, illness and injury in the workplace, CV and reference checking, due diligence research, theft and fraud, copyright and IP cases. To those ends we will undertake pretext meetings, test purchases, integrity testing, and surveillance, research and tracking to obtain the evidence you need.

In cases of infidelity, divorce and separation our solicitors agents will acquire evidence of cohabitation, asset diversion, financial activity, employment and salary matters, extra-marital social activity and hotel occupancy and travel confirmation.

In debt related matters our Debtor Tracing Team offer fixed fees and will quickly attempt to locate those owing money to you or your clients.

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Aspects of our Solicitor Support Services