Sickness and Injury Claims

The investigation of sickness and injury claims is an essential part of absenteeism monitoring.

Without a clear understanding of the level of incapacity of your employees who claim ill health no reasonable assessment of the legitimacy can be made.  Without a report from our sickness and injury claims surveillance teams you may well be fighting a losing battle and potentially unnecessarily paying out thousands of pounds

Previously our staff have witnessed employees who have claimed to be severely injured who go to the gym several times a week.

We have witnessed employees who claim to be in so much pain that they cannot walk waterskiing and playing golf.

Other employees, and indeed business partners, have been discovered running their own businesses using their employers equipment and materials or setting up a new business in direct competition to their current employers or partners.

When our sickness and injury claims investigators go about their work you can rest easy that they will be discreet, totally professional and provide you will all the evidence you need to made a well informed decision about the genuine state of health of your employee.

Our surveillance and enquiry teams can investigate any aspect of sickness or injury claims and provide you with indisputable evidence.

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