Pre-Nuptial Investigations

If you are considering committing to a long-term relationship our pre-nuptial investigations can give you the peace of mind you need – find out how committed your new partner is before you perhaps make a major mistake!

Particularly if you are about to embark on a new relationship after a divorce or separation it’s important not to make the same mistake again – rebound relationships have a history of this being a real possibility without in-depth pre-nuptial investigations.

We can research the social background of your new partner.  We can look at the background of their family and the behaviour of their relatives.  Our investigations may show that their family are serial divorce cases or worse.

When we undertake pre-nuptial investigations we can look at your partner’s employment history and tell you if it matches up with what you have been told.  We can look at their financial situation – have they ever been made bankrupt – do they have financial judgements against them and are they more interested in your money than your personality?

We will also attempt to establish if they have any convictions that would impact upon your relationship such as theft, fraud, assault, domestic violence or offences of a sexual nature.

Our researchers will attempt to uncover their on-line dating identities and activities so you can decide if they are committed to you.

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