Listening Devices

Our listening devices, commonly called ‘bugs’ or ‘bugging devices’ can be hidden in almost anything.  They’re easy to hide and easy to use.

These listening devices will allow you to hear to what is being said in a car, a room, an office or anywhere else you choose to hide them.

Distance is no problem for these listening devices, and you can hear what’s happening from anywhere in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

We can custom fit our equipment in a surprising number of everyday household items, allowing concealment in some unexpected places. Our bugging equipment is small, reliable, and easy to use.

We can also supply ready made items such as mobile phones, clocks or radios or many other everyday items which contain listening devices. These can be easily hidden in an office, anywhere in your home or even in a moving vehicle.

Once fitted you can use a mobile phone to listen in from anywhere in the world to what’s happening where you have hidden the device.  Voices and conversations will be easy to hear and crystal clear.

In commercial situations our clients use our listening devices in cases of workplace theft or other suspicious activity.  This might include false injury and sickness claims, fraud, exaggerated overtime or expense claims and the transfer of sensitive information to competitors.

Our private clients use our listening devices in conjunction with hidden cameras, or other equipment, to prove affairs or to check on elderly relatives or the behaviour of their children’s carers.

Please call us to discuss your requirements – we will be able to help in one way or another and offer free advice.

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