Investigate an Affair

If you think your partner is having an affair then the only way to confirm that suspicion is to find out the truth. By using our surveillance equipment and other investigation methods, UK Evidence can find out exactly what your spouse or partner is up to and you will know for certain if your partner is cheating on you.

Why use a private investigator to catch a cheating partner?
When people first suspect that their partner is cheating they will generally undertake a few initial enquiries themselves. Sometimes this involves checking suspicious phone numbers, reading emails, looking at their partner’s Facebook messages, or even trying to follow them.

These basic investigations can go some way to providing the answers you need, but appointing a professional will ensure a more thorough approach, with evidence and facts that you can rely on to be accurate.

If you do suspect that your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend is being unfaithful then a private investigator can find out the truth, quickly and discreetly.

Our investigators can find the answers you need:

• We can find the name of the person they are having an affair with
• We can find an address of the person they are having an affair with
• We can record conversations
• We can carry out close surveillance

And we can do all of this without being caught and without alerting the person that they are under investigation.

– Divorce

Discovering that your wife or husband has cheated is devastating news and can often lead to divorce. In such situations the evidence that we can obtain is vital to proving adultery has taken place, and therefore proving that you have legitimate grounds for divorce.

The type of evidence that we can obtain includes:

• Car tracking information
• Copies of deleted texts
• Copies of deleted emails
• Audio surveillance
• Video surveillance footage

All of the photographic evidence, messages and recordings we obtain can be used to help prove where your partner was at any given time.

How can you tell if your partner is cheating?
You don’t always need concrete evidence to cause that first suspicion that something isn’t right in a relationship. Instinct has a clever way of alerting people to the fact that their partner is being unfaithful.

Some common signs however are:

• Text messages being deleted
• Internet history being cleared regularly
• More time being spent away from home
• More attention being paid to their appearance
• An emotional distance between you
• Being secretive with their mobile phone

None of these signs are concrete evidence of an affair but they can be enough to start you wondering if they’re seeing someone else.

What should you do now?
If you do have that nagging doubt that something isn’t quite right, and feel that your partner isn’t being honest with you, it can put a real strain on a relationship, and carrying around that suspicion can make you feel terrible. From our experience it is usually much worse not knowing than learning to live with the truth.

We genuinely do understand how lies and suspicion can destroy trust in a relationship. That’s why we offer free, no obligation advice about our services for your situation.

Let us find the information you need so you can make an informed decision about your relationship. Please give us a call on 0800 107 3237 between 8am -6pm or simply click here to send us an email.

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