Internet Dating Fraud – Check-up Identity of Online Date

When you have a busy lifestyle, or you want to be very careful about a new relationship, Internet dating can be an easy place to meet people. However there are a huge number of very convincing internet fraudsters on all of the dating sites.   They are very clever at making up a life story that is totally untrue with the one aim of convincing you to give them money.  As a result internet dating fraud is common.

Many of the people who commit internet dating fraud are repeat offenders.  They prey on the genuine and unsuspecting nature of people looking for real new partners in life.

Extremely believable but completely fake profiles easily convince you that they are international businessmen.  They may say they are in the military serving abroad or are medical staff on humanitarian postings.

The stories made up by the fraudsters are so believable that it can be easy to fall into their trap.  You might be told about sick children in need of expensive operations.  You may have heard a long and complicated story about relatives who have died and left behind large sums of money.  They need big legal bills paid to release the cash.  Some scams involve orphan children or get rich quick investments.

One factor usual in most cases of internet dating fraud is that you will almost certainly never have actually spoken to the person concerned.   All of your contact will have been by text or chat room.

How can we help with Internet Dating Fraud?

If you have suspicions about someone you have been talking to online you need to find out the truth.  Just call us and we will investigate your suspicions of internet dating fraud and put your mind at rest.  We can find out for you if the names and addresses you have been given are true.  We can also check on telephone numbers, email addresses and any other information you are suspicious about.

If you don’t do anything about your suspicions you will only be drawn deeper and deeper into their trap – act now and call us to get the truth.

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