Integrity Testing

Workplace integrity testing can take many forms and in one shape or another can enable you to professionally manage potentially costly behaviour by your staff.  Used in conjunction with hidden cameras or other forms of surveillance we can help you get to the bottom of a wide variety of dishonest or inappropriate activities.

Previously our clients have found integrity testing has been an extremely cost-effective way to successfully investigate a variety of workplace problems including theft and damage caused by unhappy employees, bullying, racism and homophobia.  Additionally if you suspect that alcohol or drugs are being used at work then our under-cover staff can resolve those issues quickly and effectively.

Integrity testing used by under-cover staff can successfully inform you of the nature of many forms of bullying or abuse.

Used in cases of sexual harassment, absenteeism or the personal use of company facilities and equipment integrity testing informs you of the scale and nature of your situation.

Our investigators can assess your problems in many ways; working undercover, making test purchases or deliveries and contacting employees in attempts to obtain confidential information.

If you have doubts about your staff, or equally suspicions about your suppliers, delivery companies, retailers or contractors we can get the information you need.

All of this integrity testing can be legally achieved and used to support any subsequent disciplinary hearing.

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