Hidden Cameras

Our tiny hidden cameras and video recorders provide you with undeniable evidence.  Hidden cameras don’t lie, and our engineers can fit cameras just about anywhere, at home, in the workplace, in your garden or in a car, van or truck.

We can fit hidden cameras that you can watch live on your computer at home or your smartphone, including those fitted into vehicles as they are moving.

These hidden cameras can be fitted with microphones and you can hear what is being said, as well as seeing live video footage.

It’s common for out clients to use our hidden cameras and listening devices in cases where workplace theft or fraud is suspected.  Employers also use our equipment to obtain evidence in cases of false injury and sickness claims, exaggerated overtime claims and working short hours.

Private clients use our cameras when they suspect affairs, or are worried that their elderly relative is not being cared for properly, or to witness behaviour in anti-social behaviour cases.

In addition to having specialist equipment fitted by our engineers we can also supply a variety of equipment that is simply for our clients to fit and simple to use.  These cameras come hidden in many different everyday items such as plant pots, paintings, mirrors, electrical plugs and phone chargers.

These are all completely undetectable to the unsuspecting eye.

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