GPS Car Tracking

Our tiny up to date GPS car tracking systems are quick to fit and allow you to accurately locate a vehicle 24 hours a day anywhere throughout the UK or Europe.  They show a clear easy to read map with exact street names including the dates and times.

We can fit these devices for you or we can deliver our GPS car tracking systems to you within 24 hours for you to simply attach to the vehicle using the super strength magnets – there is no wiring involved and the battery can last for weeks.

We do of course supply simple instructions so you can use any computer or your smartphone connected to the internet to log on to the GPS car tracking system to see exactly where the vehicle is 24 hours a day.

If you can’t look at the reports regularly the system will store the information for you so you can see the route the vehicle took on any day, where it stopped, and for how long.  The GPS car tracking system is accurate to within 3 metres or 10 feet using a combination of mobile phone signals and the GPS car tracking device.

The route can be viewed as a satellite photograph and this allows you to see if the vehicle is at a hotel or public house, a competitors business or your best friends driveway.

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