Following People

Our surveillance agents are experts at following people.  We can arrange for someone to be followed after work, at the weekend or during the day and its a simple way of discovering what they are doing.  It doesn’t matter where the person goes, or how they get there we’re experienced at following people on foot, in vehicles on public transport and in any public space, pub, club or restaurant.

When our staff are following people they are trained to be discreet and observant.  Their many years surveillance experience in police forces and the military allows them to blend in to any situation.  They won’t be noticed or recognised and won’t look out of place in any setting.

Following people to prove an affair or monitor an employee can be extremely effective.  The photographs and video evidence our surveillance agents give you can prove your suspicions or put your mind at rest.

All of the evidence we give you will be gathered legally and can be used as evidence to prosecute or discipline an employee.  It will be presented in a way that will support a divorce or any other court proceedings.

Our staff are experienced at following people almost anywhere, including travelling on trains, planes or ferries if necessary.

When we are following people we have at our disposal many different forms of transport including motorcyclists and taxis, vans, sports cars and average family saloon cars all equipped with hidden high definition video cameras.

The different vehicles we use blend in to any situation.   We can provide male and female staff of many different nationalities who speak several different languages.

At the conclusion of our work for you we will provide a full report of the activity witnessed including relevant photographs and video evidence.

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