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If you have tried and failed to find someone, or you don’t even know where to start looking for a missing person, then UK Evidence can help. Our investigators have the expertise and resources to track down long lost relatives, find people who owe you money, and even trace dodgy tradesmen. No matter what your reason for wanting to find someone, we can help.

Why use a private investigator to find a missing person?
When people take on the task of looking for a missing person, it can often be time consuming and hard work, and frequently ends with them being no closer to finding the person they’re looking for. It is at this point that people normally call in the professionals. Our private investigators can usually track down and find a missing person even if they don’t want to be found. Appointing our researchers takes away the stress of looking for someone and you can just sit back and wait for us to give you the information you need.
Our experience, technology and the data we have at our disposal means we are in the best possible position to find whoever you’re looking for. Whether you want to find biological parents, find debtors or find old friends, UK Evidence can track a person down from the most basic of information.

Who can we find?

– We find missing relatives

Whether a person has gone missing by choice or you have just lost touch, our private investigators can help you find them. We often hear the following questions…

• Can you find my child?
• Can you find my birth mother?
• Can you find my long lost relative?
• Can you find my dad?
• Can you find my siblings?

If any of the above questions are ones that you’ve been asking, then get in touch as we can give you a simple answer, yes!

– We find long lost friends
Over time, friends can lose touch with each other as people relocate, change their phone numbers and change their names through marriage. All of these factors can often make it difficult to reconnect with long lost friends. However, our skilled researchers can overcome these difficulties and help to trace old school friends, ex colleagues and family friends, so that you can be reunited once again.

– We find debtors
If someone owes you money but you can’t track them down, it can be a really frustrating situation; but finding missing debtors is not a problem for us. We can trace their telephone number, address and any other relevant information you need so that you have something to work with in order to get those debts settled.

– We find beneficiaries
Frequently the people we find are grateful that they’ve been found, and this is often the case when it comes to tracking down beneficiaries of a will. We can take the stress out of what is commonly a very difficult time, and do all the hard work in finding friends and family members in order to reunite families and deal with the legalities of a will.

– We find witnesses
Finding a witness can be key to proving your innocence in a court case. We understand just how important that fact is, which is why we apply all of our skills and resources to enable us to trace witnesses and any information that may help you with your case.

How do we find a missing person?
When you appoint us to help you find someone, the first step is to discuss with you who it is you’re looking for. Within this initial telephone conversation we can establish exactly what details you have about the person you want to find, and from there we can work out the best way to approach our search.

We have access to several extensive databases of information, which are not available to the public. This information gives us an excellent starting point to begin our discreet enquiries. Our thorough approach has enabled us to achieve an extremely high success rate; this means you can be confident that we will do everything in our power to provide you with accurate and reliable information concerning the whereabouts of the person you want to find.

Be assured the person we are looking for will have no idea that we are trying to find them.

Is the work we do legal?
Throughout all of our investigative work we ensure that we comply with all relevant data protection legislation and privacy laws.

What should you do now?
If you’ve decided that you’d like us to find someone for you, simply click here to send us an email or give us a call on 0800 107 3237 between 8am -6pm

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