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Our hidden listening devices can be concealed anywhere and you can then use the telephone number we give you to call into the device to hear what is happening.

We can rent a hidden listening device that will allow you to listen into the conversation in a car no matter where the car has gone and no matter where you are.

If you rent a hidden camera from us they are built into in everyday household objects such as books, mobile phone chargers, radios, clocks or picture frames.

Our hidden car tracking systems are accurate to within three metres (10 feet) and you can easily see the exact street name and the position in the street. You can see this as a traditional map or you can look at the information from a satellite photograph so you can see if the vehicle is at a hotel, a restaurant or one of your competitors business premises. You will also be able to see the route the vehicle took and where it stopped, and for how long it stopped.

The GPS car trackers attach with very strong magnets to the vehicle you want to follow. At anytime of the day or night you can watch where the car has been, and where it is at any moment, on you computer or smartphone. The system retains the information so you can look at it when convenient.

Our surveillance teams will take date and time stamped video of the activity they witness and you will be provided with the images that relate to the concerns you have. You will also receive a report of what happened.

If you want to have someone followed just call our offices and tell us the time and the place that you want the surveillance to start, together with the description of the person or vehicles involved and we will then make the necessary arrangements. We do require payment for an agreed number of hours before we will undertake the work.

If you want to watch someone we can follow them on foot or in vehicles, we can install hidden cameras so you know what they are doing and where they are going, or in certain circumstances we can capture their computer activity so you can see their chat conversations and all other computer use.

In this situation we can conduct surveillance, use car tracking systems and hidden cameras to find out exactly what is going on. We can also make pretext telephone calls to your suspect or work undercover in your business.

If you believe that your employees are stealing from you then there are several methods of establishing what’s actually happening. These methods will vary depending upon your situation. Please contact us to discuss your issues.

There are many situations in which conducting surveillance on employees is completely legal, but what you do must be proportional to the potential loss you believe you are suffering.

If you need to find witnesses we will be pleased to help you, just email or phone us and we will confirm timescale and fees.

Yes we will deliver documents for you anywhere in the UK and will do so quickly and efficiently.

It is unusual that we cannot deliver documents on the day that we are instructed if they are urgent, if you give us a couple of hours notice and you agree to pay our fees.

Yes we do accept work that is funded by the LSC but not without confirmation of prior authority from them.

Yes, we can find someone overseas as we have colleagues in most countries around the world.

We are a national company and have access to records that cover the whole country and will search for people anywhere.

We would be pleased to help you find someone who owes money. Our researchers would investigate every information source possible to help you find a debtor.

When you need to find a relative we will search all the records we have access to and locate your relatives as quickly as we can – they will not know you are looking for them. Sometimes this might only take a few days.

When you want to find an old friend sometimes all we need is their name, approximate age and the area where they used to live. If you have more information such as their date of birth and the names of any of their family members and their job then that will be helpful.

The best way for us to help you investigate an affair depends upon your individual circumstances, for example what you know already, what you suspect, what your partner does for work and how much you want to pay all make a difference to what we would recommend to you – the simplest way to find out how we can help you investigate an affair is to call our office and talk to one of us about your situation.

We accept card payments over the phone or you can make a bank transfer into our business bank account, either by cash over the counter at any bank or an electronic transfer online.

Just phone our office between 8am – 6pm or email us by clicking here and send us a message.

It takes a maximum of two working days in most cases, sometimes less and occasionally longer.

Yes, we can also trace a landline number, but not always.

We have equal success in tracing pay as you go phones as we do tracing a contract phone. We cannot be certain that we will definitely be able to do either but we are very successful.

Our mobile phone tracing service is completely and totally legal. The information is obtained from data sources that are not available to the general public. Our researchers are also very experienced and conduct other in-depth enquiries to get the information you need.