Equipment Rental

When you need to monitor what someone is doing our surveillance equipment makes it a simple job. Our spy equipment is easy to use, extremely reliable and sensibly priced.

In private and commercial situations, our hidden cameras and listening devices, car tracking systems and computer monitoring equipment will establish the truth for you.

Tracking systems are quick to fit, allow you to accurately locate a vehicle 24 hours a day throughout the UK or Europe, and show a clear easy to read map with exact street names.

Hidden cameras and listening equipment allow you to monitor conversations in a car, a room, an office or anywhere else you hide them. Distance is no problem and you can listen and watch from anywhere in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

Our computer monitoring equipment allows you to see passwords, exactly what was written in emails and chat room conversations, web sites visited, including dating sites and pornography and will allow you to see what happens on the computer in the future.

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Rent Spy Equipment