Divorce and Separation

If you have discovered an affair, or your partner’s behaviour is unacceptable, and divorce or separation seems likely we can supply you with all the evidence you need.   We can help you prove your case with all the information you need to allow you to move on.

In divorce and separation cases the evidence we provide from our car tracking systems and recordings of telephone conversations can make all the difference.  Your partner then can’t deny what they have been doing and you will have the evidence you need.

We can get copies of deleted texts messages, email messages and provide video surveillance which helps you to prove where your partner was, what they said and what they did.

We can also research hidden assets, cash and credit card spending and the transfer of money abroad. These services combined can give you a comprehensive understanding of exactly what your partner did, and when, and where they did it.

In divorce and separation cases you can rely on our years of experience to provide you with the best advice and the most reliable surveillance surveillance services.

There’s nothing worse than not knowing the truth about what your partner is doing so call us and we will do all we can to find out the truth for you.  Finding out what really is going on makes your decision easier, and will be based on the truth and not guesswork.

How we can help in divorce and separation cases:

  • Hidden cameras – positioned just about anywhere
  • Video Surveillance – from close up or in the distance
  • Personal tracking systems – see exactly where they have been
  • GPS car tracking systems – shows the route, time and location
  • Photographs – undeniable evidence
  • Hidden listening devices – hear what they don’t want you to know
  • Car bugging – distance doesn’t matter
  • Bugging rooms – live or recorded
  • Bugging offices – 24 hour systems
  • Asset location – worldwide

How can UK Evidence help you with divorce & separation

We can also research hidden assets and financial records, which can help when preparing to divorce your partner following on from an investigation.

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