Criminal Investigations

When you have been the victim of crime or you suspect that someone is stealing from you the police may not investigate the matter to your satisfaction.  They are very busy and they may not consider your case a priority.  If that’s the case our criminal investigations staff are here to help you.

Our own private detectives, who are all very experienced former police officers, would be pleased to investigate on your behalf.  We can find out what really happened, look for witnesses and evidence and interview suspects in the correct legal format.  You can then give all that evidence to the police so that they can deal with your case.

Our criminal investigations team have the ability to react at very short notice.   We can secure a crime scene and compile a photographic record of the available evidence.

When you need more detailed and determined investigations to be made our private detectives can conduct door to door enquiries using the most up to date interviewing techniques.

Our criminal investigations team have previously tracked down property stolen in burglaries and successfully recovered it from the thieves.

We have solved complicated frauds, traced the source of malicious texts and have tracked down violent offenders who have gone on the run.

In cases of counterfeiting and intellectual property offences we liaise closely with Trading Standards officers and Customs and will arrange for the seizure, storage and destruction of offending items.

Once we have finished our investigations we will present you with a case file which, if appropriate, can be presented to the police.

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