Have You Separated Or Divorced And Need Co-Habitation Evidence Or Details Of Your Ex-Partners Employment?

Our wealth of experience shows that before, during or after separation often people lie about where they are living or what they are doing.  Rarely are they honest about who they are living with.  This is usually to avoid having a settlement altered by the court because their circumstance have improved.  Perhaps it’s because they are living with someone who is supporting them financially.  The co-habitation evidence we can provide can save you fortunes when you come to settlement.

When finalising the financial aspects of your separation or divorce you need to know where your partner is living and who they are living with.  This information can have a huge impact on the amount of money you receive or may have to contribute in the settlement.  The co-habitation evidence we supply can help enormously in this situation.

So you can prove that your former partner is not telling you the truth we can undertake research to establish addresses that you may not be aware of, or we can confirm the information you already know.

Our experienced surveillance agents can watch an address for you to see who really comes and goes, and tell if your partner is really living there, and who they live with or who visits them regularly.

It’s not unusual either for people to lie about their work or income to try to avoid paying what they really should be.  If you think your former partner is lying to you about their employment, or they are not declaring how much they really earn then we can help you with that as well.

If you would like to find the truth about where your former husband, wife or partner is living then please ask us for help.

If you want to know who they live with, or what they are doing for work please just call us to discuss exactly how our co-habitation evidence can help you.

To obtain the evidence that you need we can conduct surveillance on workplaces or residential addresses.  We can also fit tracking systems to identify new addresses or routines.  We can also undertake research to estimate the number of hours someone works and their income and lifestyle.

Our recent successes include the discovery of houses, cars and a business that had been hidden from our clients in deliberate attempts to avoid coming to a fair divorce settlement.

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