When you need to check up on someone you met online we can help you.

Online dating can be a wonderful way to meet people.   Sadly it’s also prime hunting ground for fraudsters who are very convincing, they trick even people who are extremely cautious.  If you ask us to check up on someone met online we will help you.

We can confirm their identity, check their background and tell you what country they are actually in.

We can do this in complete secrecy so your new friend will never know about your doubts or suspicions

How we can investigate someone you met online.

Our clients regularly ask us “How can I check up on someone met online”.  The answer is simple – contact us and we will check things out for you.

If you have nagging doubts about someone you and you want to check up on someone met online then we can put your mind to rest.  Our researchers will carefully asses the information you have, and the suspicions about the person you have met online.  We can tell you if their work situation appears genuine.  Our investigators will research the history of the email addresses and mobile phone numbers they may have used.  As a result of our research we can tell you the country in which their mobile phone is located.

Check up on someone met online.

It’s important for you to know if the person you met online is genuine.  It will be very disappointing if it turns out they are married and not single as they have told you.  Of course everything you have been told might be true and as a result you can happily progress your relationship.

Alternatively there is the chance that ‘American Roger working in India’ or ‘Silvia the single mum in Bosnia’ is actually an African fraudster trying to relieve you of your hard earned savings.

Whatever the case we can establish the truth and you can safely move on with your life in whatever direction you choose.

Please just call us on 0800 107 32 37 or message us by clicking here and we will give you free advice, put your mind at rest and enable you to move on with your life.