Do You Need To Investigate A Cheating Partner?

cheating partner

If you are living with a cheating partner and you suspect they are having an affair, that they are secretly contacting someone, or you are worried that they aren’t being totally honest we can help you.  Our experience shows that having nagging doubts and suspicions about a relationship can be a heavy burden – it makes you feel awful – and it’s usually worse not knowing what’s going on than actually learning to live with the truth.

We really do understand how lies and the suspicion that you have a cheating wife or a cheating husband destroys trust in a relationship, and without investigating your suspicions about your cheating partner you only guess and worry about what they are doing.  Once you have the facts and know exactly what is happening you can move on and make very important decisions based on the truth and not the lies that you have been told, or the guesses that you have been making – without the truth you may make a decision that you later regret based on lies and guesswork.

We can easily investigate your suspicions about an affair in several ways.  We can conduct surveillance on your partner and follow them wherever they go – be it a hotel, pub or restaurant.  We could also watch them when they finish work for the day or see where they go at lunchtime.  We will provide you with photographic evidence of what they did and a full report.

Our experienced agents can undertake observations on at a location where you think your cheating partner might be visiting, or we can supply you with a tracking device or a bug which will allow you to see exactly where your partner has gone 24 hours a day and listen to exactly what they are saying.

The latest equipment we use allows you to see precisely where they are on a map, on your computer or smartphone, and is accurate to within three metres and you can record their conversations as evidence to present to them.

That’s why, if you are living with a cheating partner or you suspect your partner of an affair, we offer free, no obligation advice about our services and your situation. Let us help put your mind at ease once and for all – if you don’t do anything to get to the truth you will just stress more and more about the situation.

All of our staff are happy to discuss your individual circumstances at length in so they can understand your situation completely and offer the very best advice so you can find out exactly what your partner is doing.

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