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Relationships have their ups and downs and occasionally that leads to an affair – that doesn’t necessarily have to spell the end to a relationship – finding out what really has been happening, and not just believing everything you have been told, can make all the difference between separation and recovering from a difficult situation.

Remember ‘knowledge is power’ and once we have helped you find out the truth you can make very important decisions about the rest of you life based on facts, not the rubbish your partner has told you.

In almost every case that we have investigated over the last 15 years our clients suspicions have been justified and their partners have been found to be having an affair.

The signs are not always obvious to you, but are blinding obvious to us as we spend a large amount of our working time talking to clients in your situation and know the signs as clearly as the light of day.

Your partner might start talking more about a particular person; they might now have to spend more time at work or more time at the gym. They may have lost weight, changed their hair, and bought new clothes, perfume or aftershave, or going out regularly with ‘old friends’ that you don’t know.

In bed your partner might be less enthusiastic or on the other hand might start suggesting activities that previously were not on the menu.

It’s easy to get to the truth – just call us to discuss exactly how we can help you or visit our website ‘Relationship’ pages to get a better idea of what can be done.

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